Pole has changed my life. Having a ZERO dance and gymnastics background didn’t scare me, though I really didn’t know what to expect. What I encountered blew my mind (and body)! The teachers at Suzie Q Pole Studio are just amazing. They’re young, beautiful, so full of knowledge and STRONG. I love being taught by them because I leave the classes so exhausted but challenged and thirsting for more. The studio has great vibes and the free mandarins in June are always a bonus.
Don’t feel discouraged by your inflexibility, your “weakness” or “lack” of confidence. We all have to start from somewhere and this is the perfect place to begin. Pole is for everyone. I have learnt to LOVE pole through my experiences here at Suzie Q Pole Studio, and I believe you will too! You’ll feel so much more alive and connected with yourself. You’ll develop a greater awareness of your mind and body… to the point where you’ll think where your body needs to go and boom, you’re upside-down… and flying. Xx Susie

Susie Student

I never thought pole would be for me but I came along with a friend and loved it from the first lesson. I may not have the typical ‘pole body’ but that does not even come into it. All the teachers have made me feel at home and encourage me to get that new move and to push myself to make it to the next level.  

I love my pole community they are so supportive and when one of us gets a new move there is always a cheer in the room often from the instructor and if one of us is having a bad night there is always lots of encouragement.

I am so grateful to the team at Suzie Q for challenging me to try new things and to push myself.  Monique

Monique Student

I have been with Suzie Q for over 8 months & I love everything about it. The teachers are very friendly & informative & the facility’s are spacious & well equipped. Suzie Q is my first & only choice for participating in pole. Not only do they provide all levels of pole but many other classes within the studio. Suzie Q has inspired me to continue & challenge myself as a pole dancer.  Steve

Steve Student

Hi! I’m Miss Tiff and I’ve been pole dancing since the beginning of 2012 (I started pole originally when I lived in Newcastle) and joined Suzie Q Pole Studio when I moved to Sydney for work at the end of 2012 – it was a great choice as it is in the same area as my workplace so I thought what a perfect opportunity to diversify and check it out – I was (and still am in many degrees) a clumsy uncoordinated child and I found that pole was not only fun, but I felt stronger and more confident every week! And I could do it!

Stacey Minx was my first ever teacher who graded me into the correct level at SQPS and she was amazing in every way. Since having Stacey as a teacher that first term I knew I’d be around the SQPS halls for a while (and the 50% off 2+ classes was a great added bonus!). Many of the teachers have taught me so much over the years and their encouragement helped me to excel in my pole solos at the Shine Bright student nights –  and for those who know me – they know I love performing! so to be able to perform my own choreographed routines at student nights is a fabulous bonus. I was even lucky enough to win ‘The Trickster’ award for my recent solo at Shine Bright- this simple little gesture made me smile for weeks knowing my hard work was being noticed and I was excelling in my personal Pole journey!

It’s not just the great teachers and deals that kept me coming back for 2 + classes every term, I made some great friends along the away and many students are just as excited as I am when we achieve our goals or nail that ‘nemesis’ move we’ve been pouring our blood, sweat and tears into! In fact I classify some of my teachers my friends also. It’s not just a class – SQPS is a community who all train together, achieve goals together, we share stories together and love the pole life together. I feel safe here. I am proud to be part of this pole community.

Miss Tiff Student